Exhibition: Plastic 2.0 at Retailution

As an initiative of the Hogeschool Rotterdam, The Kenniscentrum Creating 010, aims to develop in the combination with CMI (communication media technology and informatics) into the powerhouse for digital innovation for the various domains of the University and social practice.

They selected students projects to be part of “Retailution, Retailinnovatie Rotterdam” and Plastic 2.0 was one of them.

I thought about the future outcome of plastic, based on current trends and created a story with a retail twist at Piet Zwart Institute, Master Interior Architecture: Research + Design MIARD.

Everything becomes plastic. It’s given a second life and introduced into a circular economy based on the New Plastic 2.0.

Research following the speculative design and retail program during trimester 3 at MIARD, tutor Gabriella Fiorentini.

Photos by hanstak.smugmug.com/