A designer of workspaces, Claudia Cañizares is convinced that creativity can be reached in every context by finding the right connections. She uses her experience in visual identity and corporate office interior design and acts as a mediator allowing people to reconnect with (or find) their inner designer and find a sense of purpose in their spaces of work.

In her native Colombia, she studied Industrial design (thus her fascination with human-scaled spaces) and most recently completed a Master’s of Interior Architecture Research + Design at the Piet Zwart Institute in Rotterdam, where she now lives.




((WAW) Wellbeing at Work

WAW is a project that was born from the belief that wellbeing can be reached at any work environment and any scale. Claudia Cañizares and her partner Solanye Martinez follow extensive wellbeing research and design a spatial intervention that suits the company or client needs.

(( Is a collaborative project that brings together wellbeing strategies and spatial design ))

On One side, Claudia Cañizares has designed from spatial graphics for Google offices to high-performance office design for Oracle. She specified and/or was trained by furniture providers such as Haworth and Steelcase, companies committed to wellbeing practices. She now acts as a mediator between people and wellbeing and human resources experts, allowing them to reconnect with or to find a sense of purpose in their workplaces. Starting from small scale spatial interventions to full spatial concepts.

On the other, Solanye Martinez is an experienced HR professional with a Masters Degree in the HRM field with wide experience working for major multi-national organizations and delivering innovative solutions to meet human and social capital needs.  Sol is an expert at designing Wellbeing programs in order to generate positive impacts to improve people’s quality of life, and adding value to the business.  Also, she has strong experience developing Sustainable Development Strategies to ensure our ‘Wellbeing designed spaces’ are framed in inspiring people, strengthening business and, caring for the environment.

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Untangled Mind

Untangled mind is a guide through the creative process and the workplace. It’s an illustrated booklet that I scribbled to find a narrative, the materials and the shapes that mirror the creative state of mind. Showing my own qualities before starting a creative activity in a series of activities and doodles.

Oracle Bogotá. Arquint Colombia

ORACLE OFFICES. Bogotá, Col A high density and high standard project. Had to be designed under technical construction specifications including the standards for workstations types and placing, conference rooms, collaborative spaces. Strong brand presence was required meaning that colors and corporate values are present throughout the space. It was a fast-track project, completed in only …

Google Offices Renovation Bogotá. Arquint Colombia

Google Office Expansion Since google offices, Bogotá had already been designed by the biodiversity concept, the expansion had to not only relate to that but refresh while creating the new spaces. Google offices around the world have strong and sometimes literal concepts brought to the spaces, that´s why the new concept creation was the most …